Wireless (WiFi) broadband internet comes through the air as radio waves. These waves only travel by line of sight. If you can see one of our 80+ towers, you can receive a Yrless+ signal. If you can't see one of our towers from your house, it may be possible to bounce a signal to reach you.

Before we install a WiFi internet connection at your place, we will visit and do a site survey. This is to check that you can receive a good signal. You may need to cut down or trim some trees. 

Once we know that you will receive a good signal, we will install a dish on your building to receive the signal. 

We are careful to not have too many customers on each tower access point, so that your internet performance is not slowed down. 

If you would like to have internet at your holiday home, the install cost will be the $414 + travel .  Your internet will be pay as you go, invoiced monthly at $2.88 per GB plus a monthly service fee of $11.50


WiFi Monthly Pricelist

GST Inclusive

Light 20GB $ 34.50
Essential 60GB $ 57.50
Family 120GB $ 86.25
Business 200GB $ 115.00
Jumbo Unlimited $ 172.50
Extra Data 20GB $ 34.50

Product Features

Icon Multiple Devices

A TP Link Router in your house means several items can connect to the internet without needing to be plugged in.


Voice over internet is another option - YrlessPlus technicians can programme a VoIP adapter to plug your phone into.

Icon Building Link

If you need a link to a dairy shed or a second house, we will make that link with a WiFi connection.

Interested? Get in touch and we can hook you up.